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Precious Simone has touched the hearts of many awakening and inspiring them to fulfill their God-given missions. 

Very touching, your post  inspires me to liberate myself by writing a message to a father whom I did not even know existed... I know that feeling of flying alone for the first time and taking a leap of faith.

Review of Confronting the Age Old Question: Why Me?

As always...she was amazing! We didn't really know how the message, "your brand and your word," would be received by the girls...but it was more than was absorbed. The girls were engaged and interactive for more than an hour and a half with her. Precious made such an outstanding presentation, helping the girls to realize and believe in the gifts they have and how to show those gifts to the world. Who they want to be and how they want to present themselves. Such a powerful message on so many levels. And the girls love Precious...they want her to come back every week! They are now repeating her motto..."bragging isn't bad if you can prove it!"

Metro Leadership League at Lift for Life Academy in St. Louis, MO

Precious you are a gift from God your journey like Paul's in the Bible is to encourage and edify God's people. I have thanked God severeal times since we met for meeting such an amazing woman as you. I'm enjoying your book I've had a chance to crack it open I'm receiving every word.

Review of Confronting the Age Old Question: Why Me?

Precious has really blessed my daughter! Precious was amazing! She's vibrant, comical, down to earth! Her testimony of where God brought her from to this very moment was awesome and my daughter eyes were glued! My daughter shared that she must meet her before they left to introduce herself to Precious. I would love to be in the company of this woman again. She is awesome, she knows how to pull you in and hold your attention, very spiritual, very godly! Look out for her, she's amazing!

Conference Attendee

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