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Precious Simone has a growing array of materials to strengthen individuals, families, and organizations to awaken and inspire them to fulfill their God-given missions. 

Confronting The Age Old Question: Why Me?

How many times have you asked, "Why me?" Its safe to say this could rank as one of the most repeated questions that we as human beings have asked over the history of our existence. Precious Simone was inspired to write, Confronting The Age Old Question: Why Me? After she quickly learned to turn her pity into purpose. There is a saying that life has a funny way of throwing rocks, but hiding its hands. After the reading of this book she hopes that you're able to take every rock thrown and use them as a stepping stones to get you to your destiny. Why you? Why not you?

Whatever It Takes Evolve

Become the best person you can possibly be. It's about making the most of out your time, talents, your life, and opportunities, while dealing with things in a positive way, no matter what life throws at you and achieving the desires in your heart.

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