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Author | INNERStrength Coach | Speaker | Mentor

Precious Simone is a High-Spirited motivator who harnesses the power of love by confronting, provoking, and inspiring individuals to become the best versions of themselves. She is an INNERStrength Coach! As an INNERStrength Coach she helps individuals find purpose through INNERStrength conditioning.


Her mission in life is to help and inspire individuals to find their innerstrength and confidence so that they can conquer every moment of life. Her vision is to help individuals live a life of fulfillment from the inside out. She is an inspirational leader with a powerful presence and an infectious personality. She started her faith journey at the age of 19 and has been relentless in her pursuit ever since!


She dedicates her time coaching and mentoring others. Pulling from the lessons of her life, she leads with empathy, compassion and enjoys building relationships. Authenticity is her cup of tea. She has a natural zeal and zest for life and walks with a purpose. She has an undying hunger to see individuals break free from mental, spiritual and emotional bondage empowering them to walk in their fullest potential, purpose and become the best versions of themselves.


Precious Simone is a published author of her book titled: Confronting the Age-Old Question: Why Me? She is also the founder of INNERgized Coaching and Consulting, LLC  Her message is it doesn’t matter where you are in life, you can come back from anything!

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